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“The dietary supplements industry has been under scrutiny, consumer confidence in supplements has fallen. Problematic claims continue to plague product labels; a lack of uniform standards for supply chain traceability produce questions about quality; and, changing consumer preferences in a food driven economy are affecting product demand. Coupling these factors with negative mass media coverage has consumers believing that the dietary supplement industry is at best “loosely regulated”, further eroding trust.

But there is good news. Consensus is emerging within the dietary supplements industry, supply chain and consumer products alike – action is needed to address these issues at their core. We’ll examine potential regulatory shifts – will existing regulations, GMPs, FSMA, address supply chain management needs, or are new regulations needed? And what about the growing demand for innovative new concepts for supplement manufacturers – trends in branded ingredients and closer to food? Top producers are already doing everything right, now is the time for the industry to come together and insure quality, safety, and efficacy are never questioned.”